Abandoned fishing village on Lamma Island / 南丫島的無人村

For my first report of 2018, I choose to introduce a special place, full of authenticity, quietly facing the sea, and being at the same time eaten little by little by the jungle: Luk Chau Tsuen (鹿洲村). As intriguing as it may be, this fishing village located in a remote area on Lamma Island is known for having a luxurious blue house near the sea, praised for its exquisite sense of taste. Yet, most ordinary fishermen houses are now abandoned. Many houses are covered in plants and damaged by the elements.

Overgrown village house, Luk Chau, December 2017

In the main street, the houses look more normal but the process of decay turns them into very interesting spaces, where one can look at the former ordinary life frame, but also at the state of abandonedness.

Sea view, Luk Chau, December 2017
Living-room in decay, Luk Chau, December 2017
Nature strikes back, Luk Chau, December 2017

The most intriguing house in the village is this tall mansion. It was hard to find anything about the owner but I hope I can interview the remaining inhabitants next time, and find out more about this place.

The tallest house, Luk Chau, December 2017
Missing name on top of the house, Luk Chau, December 2017


Broken staircase, Luk Chau, December 2017
Ancestry altar, Luk Chau, December 2017
The strength of the banyan tree, Luk Chau, December 2017

In another house, abandoned in 2010 (see the calendar left behind) the ancestry altar still had a light on, proving that for some houses, the children still pay a visit once a year in order to clean the place.

Western milk box and Chinese tea box, Luk Chau, December 2017
Abandoned in January 2010, Luk Chau, December 2017
Bird cages, Luk Chau, December 2017

Each house had interesting remaining objects like this old fridge of the famous local brand « Fortress » or an oil lamp.

Old fridge, Luk Chau, December 2017
Overgrown oil lamp, Luk Chau, December 2017

The last inhabitants still carry on their fishing activity but they are just a few.

Fisherman net ready to be used, Luk Chau, December 2017

And to finish, the whole area is now the dedicated territory of a pack of very aggressive stray dogs. This exploration ended quickly after hiking in the direction of a small temple, running away from these animals. Be careful when you go there.

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