Hangzhou Iron and Steel Plant / 杭州钢铁厂

I must say I was a bit hopeless for Hangzhou in terms of abandoned places because of the rapidity of urban development and of the high ambitions of becoming a first-class city in China (unfortunately this brings almost only negative transformations). But I also realized that, until recently (and it’s still going on in some […]

The last days of Hangzhou Prosperous Industrial Company / 杭州多旺实业有限公司拆迁的过程

When I saw this sign, I thought it was too good to be true and had to come closer: this « prosperous industrial company » is indeed currently undergoing complete demolition. There is nothing much to say about this place – one big warehouse where there used to be a lot of construction equipment – except the […]

Hangzhou’s « liquor barrel » building / 杭州的“大酒桶”楼

This is a report about an « unfinished rotten » building in Hangzhou. The city of Hangzhou is now actively preparing for the G20, which means, like for all mega-events in China, that the ultimate priority is put on the city’s image (市容 shirong): everywhere, one can notice large-scale demolition, renovation or rehabilitation of buildings. That is […]

American Dream Park / 美国梦幻乐园

While spending a few days in the region of Shanghai, I found this amazing place which reminded me a lot of the Beijing Amusement Park in Beijing: it’s an abandoned theme park which was once really famous and ended up becoming a derelict space, overgrown by wild grass. This used to be China’s American Dream […]