King View Lighthouse / 大王角灯塔

In Zhuhai, there is a real (yes, real!) ecological island where several buildings are abandoned. Last time I went there, I found an amusement park. This time, it was also a very interesting and unexpected discovery: an abandoned lighthouse.

The path to the lighthouse was half overgrown, a bit like the path to the Monkey Mountain in Yunnan.

Stairs to the lighthouse, Dawangjiao Lighthouse, March 2017

The first element one could discover after climbing the stairs was the house of the lighthouse keeper, which had been empty for a long time. According to the local fishermen I asked, there is a new lighthouse behind the hill so this one has been disused for years.

Abandoned house of the lighthouse keeper, Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017

Then, there was the small lighthouse, not easy to see, even from the beach below it…

Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017

The name was indicated just next to the door… and the door was open, what a lucky day!

Sign, Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017
Open door, Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017

On top of the stairs, I got to find the former light and a nice view on the sea.

Faded paint, faded light, Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017
View on the left, Dawangjiao lighthouse, March 2017
View on the right, Dawangjiao Lighthouse, March 2017

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