Guangzhou Space Wonders / 广州航天奇观

I went to Guangzhou for work this week, so I could not miss this opportunity to visit a very well-known derelict theme park about… Interstellar space!

Entrance gate (used by a private business), Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Entrance gate (abandoned), Space Wonders, Sept 2016

The park « Space Wonders » opened in 1997, following the general wave of theme parks aiming at pleasing the generation of « post-80 » children in China.

The park ticket (internet sources)
An example of park ticket (internet sources)

The investment was very important, 25 million yuans, but soon, the park got in financial trouble and could not afford the cost of maintenance. It closed down in 2011. Theme parks like this one not only show the early stage of a Chinese market economy of leisure, they also reflects the country’s ambitions and in this case, ambitions towards the conquest of space!

Once I got inside the park (not as easy as one would think because many people still use former facilities in the parc!), I immediately got attracted by the UFO on top of the hill. It was not possible to get into the capsule though, how sad!

UFO!!!, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
UFO!, Space wonders, Sept 2016
Tears of rust, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

Then, there are also some replicas of rockets and space shuttles. Their size is quite huge.

Rocket, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Choose your way to get high, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Atlantis replica, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

There is also a very high flying machine with eagles.

Eagle flying machine, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

The park also has other more « common attractions » everywhere, but I did not have the chance to take all the picture of them as my camera was soon out of battery.

Round machine, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Former attraction, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Former theater, Space wonders, Sept 2016
Dried out lake, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
Dried out lake, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

To end this post, I will just show you what I found the most interesting about this place: the view on another abandoned theme park… about the world! How rare is that? I did not have time to visit that one, since it had much more security guards there and I had to rush back for my work meeting but… I’ll definitely be back!

View on the world, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
View on the world, Space Wonders, Sept 2016
View on the world, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

Let’s hope it stays this way for a while. Until I bring you more pictures (I hope to come back someday for the sunset!), here is a last vision of the UFO.

UFO, Space Wonders, Sept 2016

If you liked this post about a derelict theme park from the 1990s in China, you can read about Shanghai’s American Dream Park or Chengdu’s « The World » theme park.


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