The derelict movie set in a geological parc, Gansu province / 甘肃省某一个地质公园里的废弃的摄影场

On a visit to a very famous geological parc in Gansu, I learned that the desertic landscape was once used for a movie set. The parc atmosphere was pretty oppressive because of the mass of tourists who came to take photos of the colourful canyon. Indeed, one has to admit, the natural environment is very beautiful.

Rainbow colours, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016

But what was completely left aside by the tourists was this derelict film set in the middle of the parc. All around it, signs indicate that the building is « dangerous » and forbidden to get into.

Front of the building, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016

It is basically composed of a house conceived following a traditional Southern Anhui architecture for Zhang Yimou’s movie « A simple noodle story » (三枪拍案惊奇), which came out in 2009.

Zhang Yimou’s movie (internet sources)

I was very happy to find this place by chance because I enjoy abandoned movie sets a lot. You can read my article about the wonderful Beijing Film Studios to confirm it. Here, the set is very small but the surroundings are quite surreal: a desertic sand area with rainbow colours!

Wooden facade, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016
Side entrance, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016
Central courtyard, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016
Side view, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016
Last view, Gansu movie set, Aug 2016

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