The Police Station / 警岗

The good thing about living in Hong Kong is that disused facilities and derelict buildings can be well preserved, especially when one finds them hidden in the jungle. It was the case for this very small police station, abandoned since 2013. Everything around was peaceful and quiet, and I was lucky enough not to walk in a stray dog area. Unexpectedly, whereas it used to be a law-enforcement facility, all the doors were unlocked, no guard was around.

Entrance, Police Station, Oct 2017

Inside, all the private and sensitive information had been removed (fortunately!) but one could still trace back the daily work organization of the police station, their schedule, their procedures.

Main room with no more video recording, Police Station, Oct 2017
Documents on the main desk, Police Station, Oct 2017
Armoury, Police Station, Oct 2017
What policemen read, Police Station, Oct 2017
Blanket for prisoner, Police Station, Oct 2017
Cases, Police Station, Oct 2017
Illegal immigration file, Police Station, Oct 2017
Visiting book, Police Station, Oct 2017

Outside, there was a small cabin for shooting practice.

Shooting practice, Police Station, Oct 2017
Safety precautions, Police Station, Oct 2017
Gun loading and unloading information, Police Station, Oct 2017

While I will not disclose the location of this place, I can just say is a bit strange that it was located in such a remote area… The new police station is much more central…

2 thoughts on “The Police Station / 警岗

  1. Could you tell me what area this is in please.

    I have been trying to track it down but I have had no luck, none of the other urban explorers here in Hong Kong have managed to find it which means it will be still in pristine condition.

  2. What town is in this in?

    Not a single person in the Urbex community has ever found this place before so well done 🙂

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