Abandoned village in a fishing island / 渔岛荒村

During the weekend, I went with friends to the ecological island again and we rode our bicycles to another part of the island, where less tourists go and where only a few fishermen still live… Actually, I did not imagine that I would find new abandoned places after the amusement park and the lighthouse, but there was a whole complex of houses and farms that had been disused for years.

I think this is because at the beginning of the years 2000s, the bridge between Zhuhai and the island was achieved.

This large bridge was part of a mega-bridge project from Zhuhai to Hong Kong, which got cancelled in the end, leaving only a mega-infrastructure completed from Zhuhai to… the ecological island, March 2017

The new bridge road did not pass by this side of the island, and the sand roads were quite far from the main axes of circulation. Therefore, on this remote part of the ecological island, one could find impressive ruins that I guess were used by the local fishermen.

Abandoned farm, Ecological Island, March 2017
Former house, Ecological Island, March 2017
Overgrown stairs, Ecological Island, March 2017

The eternal spring in Zhuhai made this landscape eerily beautiful, as the plants climbed on the stone houses and covered them in green leaves and white flowers.

Papaya tree, Ecological Island, March 2017
A carpet of flowers, Ecological Island, March 2017
Overgrown houses, Ecological Island, March 2017

There is still a lot to explore in that area, and as the night was coming, I could not go everywhere, but already, this was a nice discovery! Many thanks to Nico, Hélène and Gui for their patience during my photos!

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